Friday, December 11, 2009

Expand, Contract (18)

Well, I've just turned in an outline for a 50 page GURPS (non-Transhuman Space) book, and received the very first draft for someone else's Transhuman Space book that I'll doubtless be editing in due course. And I'm about to get back to working on a Pyramid article that I've promised to get done soon. So I guess my writing work is rolling along.


Antoni Ten said...

You're such a tease!

I know you're not allowed to drop tidbits, that we have to wait for Sean Punch's blog for them, but can't you make an exception?

Phil Masters said...

We are talking, you know, contractual business matters here. I've no desire to annoy my main source of writing and editing contracts.

But if you'd rather not feel teased, you can always stop reading these totally unofficial, unauthorised blog posts, and stick to less constrained sources of information.

Anonymous said...

Has this been revealed yet?

Phil Masters said...