Friday, February 05, 2010

Expand, Contract (21)

One is anything to do with me only in the sense that I'm now the line editor for the line of which it's the foundation-stone, and the other was a very small editing exercise for me (any long-past work inside aside) and is being given away free, but anyway:

Transhuman Space Classic is now available from e23.

So is a snazzy PDF version of part of the hopefully-only-semi-forgotten Teralogos News (for the Transhuman Space line, I should say). Yes, the rest of it will follow in due course.

(Oh, and my comp copies of Le Jeu de Role du Disque-Monde arrived a little while back, I forgot to mention. So I can now waste time trying to work out if it says what I can't remember if I wrote ten years ago. My French is almost up to that.)

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