Thursday, September 02, 2010

Expand, Contract (26)

Well, one of the big-ish Transhuman Space projects has now progressed to the rough layout stage. Looks highly promising.

Edit: As Kromm has now revealed the title in his blog, I can happily confirm that this book is Cities on the Edge, by Anders Sandberg and Waldemar Ingdahl.

And I have a fully signed contract for the big project which I can't really talk about yet, but which may make these sorts of posts relatively infrequent for a while (while making me quite happy).


Anonymous said...

Biggish? Is there any chance of the page count being leaked?

Phil Masters said...

Right now, frankly, no. Not by me, anyway. I'll wait for people with the legal right to blab things before I say any more.

Anonymous said...

Kromm has revealed the page count in his blog. 90 pages what a monster!

Phil Masters said...

Oh yeah, that one is 90 pages, and hopefully not too far off publication. Which is good, 'cause it's a nice book. Can't talk much about other projects, though.

Anonymous said...

Can you reveal the general content of'Cities on the Edge' ? I mean I assume it is cities (either that or the title is really misleading), but is it a maybe a few cybershells, mods, templates or famous people to go along with the cities as well?

Or is that giving too much away?

Phil Masters said...

It's a book about advanced cities and city life in 2100. It has the sort of material I think you might expect in a book on that subject.

It should be out soon enough, and you can discover exactly what's in it then. If you're really so desperately in need of more advance information than this, I suggest that you need to get a hobby.