Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Expand, Contract (31)

I'm not getting a huge amount of writing or editing done myself at the moment, largely because I've got a whole bunch of stuff to do towards Consternation next month. However, Sean Punch has now made entirely public something that I thought wasn't a very secure secret; that my big project of the last few months (and next year or so) is a new edition of the Discworld RPG.

(About which, I am happy to talk a bit. However, I'd prefer to avoid games of Twenty Questions with obsessive fans who are trying to extract the entire content of the planned 400-page book from me a paragraph at a time.)

Also, I have been fielding a few questions from the author of a new Transhuman Space supplement which hasn't been announced yet. Ah, the fine art of fitting GURPS rules to a high-tech setting and getting character creation to look right...

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