Saturday, January 21, 2012

Expand, Contract (35)

As Sean Punch has already mentioned, I turned in the final draft of the new-edition Discworld RPG yesterday. Not that I expect that to be the last I'll see of it before publication; there will be stuff arising throughout the inevitably lengthy editing process, I'm sure. Plus, there will be the illustration to discuss, and maybe more pullquotes needed than I've supplied...

(I'm trying to ensure that all the pullquotes come from Terry's writings, by the way. With those available, quoting myself would seem vain, in many ways. I just have to persuade the layout people to contact me when they need one, so I can burrow into my bookshelves.)

But still, I can step aside for now, take a deep breath, tidy my office, and see about editing Wings of the Rising Sun.


Richard Gadsden said...

I still have a treasured copy of the first edition, signed by yourself, by Terry Pratchett and by SJ (since it was my playtesters' free copy).

There is another copy that is battered to death from playing it, which I will be happy to replace.

RogerBW said...