Tuesday, January 26, 2016

UK RPG Conventions Page (Usefulness Of)

For some years now I've been maintaining a calendar of British RPG conventions, currently at http://www.philmasters.org.uk/RPGs/conventions.htm, which I hope some people may have found useful. However, I'm now wondering if anyone is still using it.

I've noticed that I've been receiving few notifications or announcements from conventions recently, so if I don't happen to hear about or pick up on an event, it doesn't get an entry on the page - and nobody then complains. I also get very few comments on it in person at the conventions I attend myself. And, though I absolutely do not maintain the page in the hope of making a profit, I do notice that the tip jar feature has received exactly zero income in all the time it's been open.

This is pushing me toward the conclusion that the page is no longer of any use to anyone, presumably because gamers are hearing about conventions through this new-fangled socially medium stuff or something. Hence, as maintaining it costs me a little time and effort, I'm considering just letting it die.

However, if it does still serve a useful purpose, I'll be glad to hear it, by e-mail or through comments here, and I'll try to keep it going.


RogerBW said...

I have found it quite useful to have a list of all the conventions in one place rather than having to read umpteen separate forums. But I don't suppose my life would actually be measurably worse if you took it down.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roger, you provide a usual service. Thank you for your work. I have recommended your page to other people in the past as a good place to look for conventions.

Phil Masters said...

On balance - I'll keep it going, if only for my own reference, but the entries may be rather less extensive from now on. I'll include links to the conventions' own Web sites, and people can go there for information.

If the con doesn't have a Web site, or doesn't actually provide sufficient data there (naming no major south coast conventions), well, not my problem.