Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Catch-Up

It seems that I haven't posted here much lately, doesn't it? I hope that nobody has been missing me.

Some time around the middle of the year, I got a bit busy for a short while, and then I didn't have a huge amount that really seemed worth saying, and then I just got out of the habit. Or maybe I just lost interest. Well, for the record, it's not that my life has been completely empty in that time. Aside from a few conventions and such, I've even managed another holiday.

At the end of November, Angela and I spent a week in and around La Orotava, in northern Tenerife. This might seem a strange time of year to head out that way, but hey, it's warmer there than here. We did end up getting rained on a bit, but we also got up a three-and-a-half-kilometre volcano to look down on a Dr Who gravel pit set the size of a county, saw surfers hitting a beach of black sand, and ate a bit of sea food. However, I seem to be recording that sort of thing more in photographic than in written form at the moment; I'm still updating my Flickr account with photos from the trip, but those pictures are all going into a collection there. Oh, and I'll thoroughly recommend the Hotel Alhambra, where we stayed.

Anyway, I may try to update this blog a little bit more often again from now on. It does depend on inspiration and energy, though, I fear. In the meantime, Seasonal Best Wishes to anyone who reads this in time.