Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Blast From My Past

Back in the '80s, I was a big fan of the Champions roleplaying game from Hero Games, which is why my first published RPG book, at the end of that decade, was Kingdom of Champions. While I went on to work for other publishers, I did a bit more for Hero over the next few years, and I've been quite pleased to note that the books in question have in recent years started to be republished in PDF form.
Well, if anyone is interested in seeing both what caught my attention back then and what I did for Hero, now's your chance to get there on a budget. Bundle of Holding are currently running a pair of really generous Fourth Edition Champions bundle deals which include my work for Hero and much more. If you stump up $35.19 or more for the Champions 4E Universe bundle, you get, well, quite a lot of books, but the list includes Kingdom of Champions and also Champions Universe, to which I contributed quite a bit of material including an extended scenario (and the bundle also includes things like the classic multi-universal Champions in 3-D, and the quite unique Foxbat Unhinged, by my late friend Alison Brooks). But you might want to start with the Champions 4E Essentials bundle; drop $30.35 on that and you'll get not only the Champions core rulebook but also Champions Presents 1, to which I contributed an adventure, and The Hero System Almanac 2, which includes my treatment of the UNTIL agency. Along with a lot else, of course.

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